Hannah Krakauer

Science writer, wordsmith, storyteller

I found science writing through my combined passions for words and big ideas. As a science writer, I delve into the details of complex, sometimes jargon-laden concepts and distill them to their essence–and then craft them into a compelling story.

I have one foot planted firmly in philosophy, and another in science. I hold a master’s from the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT, where I wrote my thesis on octopus personalities. I earned my undergraduate degree from Stanford University with a double major in Human Biology and Philosophy & Religious Studies.

My journalistic work has appeared in the Washington PostNew Scientist, Technology Review, KUOW and more. I currently write, produce multimedia content and create brands for the Allen Institute.

In 2012, I was profiled in Scientific American as an up-and-coming science writer.

I dislike clichés but love layers. I have strong opinions about adverbs, em dashes, the word “utilize” and the proper size of coffee mugs. My best work is fueled by afternoon chocolate cake. And when I’m not writing, I’m most often reading, cooking or salsa dancing.


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